Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rolling With The Punches

We are waiting for a phone call at any time to tell us that our house docs are ready to sign.  Once we sign, the funding has to actually go through, which could take a day or two.  That gives us tomorrow or Thursday to hopefully take possession of the house.  If that doesn't happen, we will be, uh, homeless for a day or two.  Our new renter moves in on Sunday, and we wouldn't feel right about pushing out her move-in date and making her homeless.  So, no matter what, we are moving out by Saturday.  Hopefully, into our new house.

Yesterday was family picture day.  When you have seven people in your family, picture day can be just a little stressful.  I was able to pull together some coordinated outfits over the weekend, and only had to buy a few things:  pants for Biniam, shoes for Isaiah, and an outfit for Braxton.  Everyone wore combinations of grey and black, with a few pops of royal blue and kelly green.

The morning started out with trimming the boys' hair around their ears, bathing them, directing Emma to shower, styling her hair, and ironing outfits.  After breakfast I got the boys dressed in their pants and shirts, purposely holding off on their sweaters until the last-minute.  I mentally planned a non-messy lunch to feed them, so their outfits would stay clean.  Plus I gave strict instructions to not eat, or color with any markers.  I knew it was a little bit of a risk to get them dressed a couple hours early, but I planned it well so I felt we would be fine.

Ten minutes after getting dressed, Noah comes upstairs to ask me something.  I am immediately distracted by the giant patches of light purple all over his grey pants.  And shirt.  And, as I later find out, the downstairs carpet.

Blueberry yogurt.

I strip Noah down, put his clothes in the wash, put a jacket on him, and instruct him to sit on the couch and watch a movie and don't move.  Surprisingly, he obeyed, and didn't move until I had long forgotten about him and he had asked for permission to get off the couch.

Later, as I was nursing Braxton, Noah came over to me, and I noticed that his teeth, mouth and lips were green.  I glanced over to the kitchen and saw what looked like a tube of green frosting sitting on the counter.  (I later found out it was green, gel-food coloring.)

I yelled for Emma to get me a wet rag, and scrubbed Noah's lips and face until the green was gone.  Then I instructed him to brush his teeth until they were white.  Thankfully, it all worked.

A while later, lunch was done, everyone was dressed, sweaters were on, hair was styled, shoes were on, and it was time to go.  I tell the kids to get in the car.  I take one last glance at Noah, and see BLUE LIPS, NOSE, CHEEKS, CHIN, AND FINGERS.  And in the background I see a bottle of blue food coloring.

You can't make this stuff up.  And, it turns out, you can't get liquid blue food coloring off as easy as green gel-food coloring.  Not even with makeup remover.

So we loaded up the car and got our pictures taken.  With our blue son.


Cindy said...

Wow Shana what a super busy day for you, wow.
And you took your lil blue man's pic, I cant wait to see the family pictures you got taken.
Have a great afternoon
Cindy and Anthony

Angela said...

I'm sorry Shana but I cannot stop laughing! That so reminds me of our family picture attempts!

Amanda Feldmann said...

So weird that he would choose to color himself on picture day. Maybe Noah will be into tattoos later in life...

Anonymous said...

I have lol twice now on the same subject. What fun memories.
Love mom

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is "SMURF"! Dave

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