Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...remember how last week I wrote about how we lost the house we had made an offer on?

Well...less than a week later, the buyers who beat us backed out.  And we were asked if we would like to place another offer.

The funny thing is, when we lost the house we were really sad.  In fact, it confirmed to us just how much we wanted that house.  But we were also thankful that we had a clear answer.  Obviously that wasn't the house God wanted for us.   So we prayed that we would find the right house.  And we also prayed that maybe, just maybe, the deal would fall through.

In the meantime we kept looking at houses.  There weren't any others that we were interested in, but we kept checking daily.  Then we found an older house that needed some work, but we loved the "feel" of.  We looked at it on Thursday night, dreamed about it all night, and decided on Friday morning that we wanted to make an offer.

At noon on Friday we found out that the house sold Friday morning.

We were defeated, but we remained hopeful that the right house would come along.  We kept looking, but nothing excited us.

Then on Monday we got the call that our first house was available again.  You'd think we would have jumped all over that, given how disappointed we were when we lost it.  But in the process of a week we had grieved (if you will) one house, fallen in love with another, grieved that one, then wondered if we were even supposed to move.

So we prayed and talked about it a lot.

And we came to the conclusion that yes, we would make another offer, and that we would be cautiously optimistic.

It's hard to make an offer on a house without becoming emotionally attached to it.  I mean, why the heck would you make an offer if you couldn't already envision yourself living there, raising your kids, building relationships with the neighbors...?

Yet I am remaining reserved about it and just letting God take control.

We should find out today if the sellers are signing our offer.  If so, the offer then goes to their bank for approval, since it is a short sale.  That's when the real process begins.

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Owlhaven said...

Praying God's best for your fam. Would love it if you were closer!