Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And...the house hunt continues.

What a morning!  The listing agent decided to play games and sent out "terms" to us, and the other interested buyers at the same time.  Whomever got the paper signed and back the fastest, won.  Or, at least had an accepted offer that would be sent to the bank for approval.

Brian is at work.

I am at home.

Brian's car has a flat tire.

My car is with Brian at his work.

I don't have a fax machine.

My printer is broken.

My neighbors don't have fax machines.

Brian has a meeting to head into.


Our agent gets the email with the "terms" and calls me.  I am nursing.  Isaiah can't find the phone so I miss the call.  I get up (while still nursing) and see that the phone is three feet behind me.  Listen to voice mail.  It's our agent.  I call him back, he quickly reads off the new terms.  I tell him to start typing up our offer while I call Brian.  Miraculously, Brian answers his phone.  He says go ahead with the new terms.

Our agent emails Brian the letter.  Brian prints, signs, faxes.  12:14.

Our agent receives Brian's fax, hops in the car, and heads to my house.  He calls me when he is on my street and I meet him on the curb to sign the paper.  12:30

12:40-something, our agent faxes our updated offer.

12:48 our agent calls me.  We lost.  Other offer was faxed over at 12:31.

I'm bummed, but happy to have a clear answer.


Vaporizer Reviews said...

How do u play this game?

Anonymous said...

Kathy A. writes: Clearly wasn't meant to be. You did what you could and God handled the rest. Gotta be happy about that!

Anonymous said...

Yep sometimes we find a closed door and try to bust through it-sure that the other side holds what we want...when really God wanted it to stay shut after all. I have done this so often with houses (ugh 4th home in 3 1/2 yrs of marriage :/ Then I always realize that God knew all along-this time was THE easiest we've had w a house hunt despite Alan being out of town for the entire time and getting back 2 days before we moved! Because I finally let God move ha. It's SO nice-not sure why I don't let HIM control my life more! ;) We will keep our eyes open for you guys! xo Jmae

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