Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We enjoyed our long weekend, although we didn't really do anything too exciting.  On Saturday, Brian and I went for our "long" training run of the week.  We were scheduled to do 8 miles.  I secretly had it in my head that I would be happy with 7 miles, but I didn't inform Brian of that until we were around mile 5.  He tried to convince me that I should push through and do the whole run, but I had no intention.  The run was hard.  I slowed to take a couple walking steps a couple of times.  And one time I full-on stopped and caught my breath for about a minute.  I really feel like I was low on energy and would have done better with some running supplements (goo, sports drink, whatever).  I ate a few dried cranberries that I had brought, which did seem to help a little.

We brought Braxton along on the run in the stroller.  It was pretty cold out - we could see our breath - so we bundled him up in double jammies, a swaddler, a blanket, a hat, and another blanket over his seat.  He stayed plenty warm, and didn't fuss until the very end, which gave me an excuse to head home.  I ended up doing 7.35 miles.

We did lots of organizing in the garage, and some yard work.  See?  Not too exciting.  We did slip away for a date to Starbuck's on Sunday night.  While we were there we fell in love with a house we found on the MLS.  Turns out there are already a few offers on the house, so we don't think we are going to try to pursue anything.

Oh I almost forgot, on Sunday morning Emma's church choir had their last of four Spring performances. They did great!  Despite being somewhat shy at times, Emma loves to perform, and I am so proud when I get to watch her.

On Monday morning I met some girlfriends for a run along the river.  It was a beautiful morning, and it was great having their company for the run.  We did about 4.2 miles, and it again kicked my butt.  But I finally realized that I was getting sick (sore throat, stuffy nose), so hopefully that explains why my last few runs have been so hard.  Next week I will fly, right?

Braxton hit the two-month milestone last week.  Now that he is feeling better and growing, he is so much more active and engaging.  He even fusses a little now and then, which is fine with us!  He is just barely starting to give us occasional smiles (on purpose), one of which I caught on his two-month "birthday".

This boy blesses me so much.  I just adore him!


Anonymous said...

Very Sweet!!
Love Grandma Barb

Anonymous said...

It is soooo nice to see THESE kind of posts now, isn't it? See you in 22 and a half days, Braxton:)

wendy said...

Oh my goodness is he ever adorable!!!

Renee said...

He is gorgeous and you are amazing!!

You are rocking the mileage!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby pics!! [:-)

Rachel in Idaho

Alex Wong said...
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Kevin said...

Very sweet and cute baby !

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I think god made your baby in rest not in hurry.Really so sweet baby.