Monday, May 09, 2011


Just a quick update to say that Braxton is doing better. His breathing tube came out last night, and he was moved back to his pediatric room late this morning. I am feelimg better, too.

He is currently still sleeping all the time, and occasionally sucking on his binky. He is on IV fluids only - no nutrition for now. Hopefully soon we can start nursing again.

We are told that we will probably be in the hospital the rest of the week.


Kim said...

You guys continue to be in our prayers. That little guy is one tough little fighter, that is for sure! And he is lucky to have such a great family as his cheerleaders!

Anonymous said...

So glad ot hear he is doing better. Thinking about you.

Jonnie said...

Braxton has already changed the lives of so many who have joined in prayer for him... I can't wait to see the lives he changes in the future for Jesus, LOVE you all!!!