Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet the Governor

The week before Braxton was born, Emma got to go on a field trip to our State Capitol.  I didn't get to go with her because Noah was home with the stomach flu.  But I have an amazing friend who took Emma for me (and to all the field trips since then, bless her).  

The trip started with a tour of the newly renovated Capitol building.  Then it ended with a private meeting in the Governor's office.  Not bad for a little, informal, home school group, huh?  

Emma hung around long enough and ended up being one of the only kids who got an individual picture with the Governor.  Pretty cool!  Definitely worth hanging on the school-room wall.  And definitely worth blogging about, 9 weeks after the fact. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yahoo! What a great photo..
Love Grandma Barb