Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend Update

Does my title put anyone else in the mood for some vintage SNL?

We got a boatload of stuff accomplished this weekend.

1.  The boys' room is finished with painting.

2.  We reorganized their closet, consolidated their clothing, and were able to completely get rid of their dresser (which was also a changing table) and put all of their clothes in the closet.  With the absence of a dresser they will have a lot more play space in their room.

3.  I organized the linen closet and got rid of a tall stack of sheets we weren't using.  Also made room for the extra crib sheets which used to be in the boys' room.

4.  Brian got our baby clothes boxes out of the attic and we took an inventory of what we had saved:  three newborn girl outfits and one newborn boy outfit.  Hmmm, baby might be naked a lot.

5.  We took a load of clothes and linens to the thrift store to donate.  While we were there we picked up three more newborn girl outfits and two newborn boy outfits.  Whew - at least baby will have a couple things to wear before we can get out to the store after his/her birth.

6.  I washed our cloth diapers and got the changing table in our room all organized.  Yes, I even put stuff in the baskets!

7.  We (okay, mostly Brian) got the bunk bed sanded and the first coat of paint on it.  Despite rain being forecasted for the weekend, we ended up having a few hours of sunshine and 60 degrees.  So we took full advantage.

8.  Brian and I snuck out for a date Saturday night.  We had a nice dinner, then got some shopping done at Target, where we picked up a few storage solutions for the kids' rooms.  We even snuck over to the pet store and brought home a pet fish for the kids.

9.  Brian and I got in a couple hours of birthing videos.  We went back and forth on whether we wanted to take a birthing class as a refresher or not.  This will be my first birth without an epidural, so we wanted to arm ourselves with more birthing skillz.  Ultimately we decided against a class, and instead borrowed this series from our library.

If we paid attention to what we learned in the birthing video, I think we could safely say I was "nesting" all weekend.  According to the video, nesting occurs about two weeks before the baby is born, and lasts about 48-hours before exhaustion sets in again.

I say "bah" to that, because, well, there is still a lot more stuff I need to get done.  Also, I still have three more weeks before I would be eligible to deliver at the birthing center.  So, baby, if you're listening, stay in there at least a few more weeks.  Okay?  Mom says.


Renee said...

I can't wait to see it all together!

You are like a super nester.

Marie said...

Shana, I have tons of baby (boys) clothes that you sent me and some that I added to the pile. Also, I have a whole box of just white onsies, still in decent condition, not too mention another full box of receiving blankets and other gender neutral baby things. There are a few outfits that are gender neutral that I can send you too.

We aren't due until October, so you might as well get some use out of it. So, I'll get a box or two together this week for you. Congrats on getting so much done before the babe gets here!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. Between your post and Marie's (on her blog) I'm a grandpa with a BIG smile right now. It's getting very exciting.

Kristin said...

Just want to encourage you to walk the corridor throughout your labor. The nurses will often be opposed to this but it helps things progress and usually you know when you have had enough. I walked through 4 natural childbirths, stopping only to breathe through each contraction. I truly believe this is what made my labors quicker and do-able... Just my 2 cents. Best of luck!

Christi Lenz said...

We've got some girl clothes over here as well as some gender neutral! And you rest yourself! No baby until I get there!