Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Breath

I am coming up for air for a quick second here.  Brian has been in Singapore the past few days so I am finding things to keep busy while he's gone. 

First of all, we had a bunch of extra services at church over the weekend.  So at least the weekend went fast with services on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Whew!

I wasn't sure if we would take the day off from school today in observance of MLK day.  But we did, and it's been so productive.

I have a million projects - mostly relating to home-improvement - swimming through my mind right now.  Things are moving along with our plans to do an addition on the house.  I've been talking to contractors and getting bids and watching the stock market, trying to figure out if everything will come together so we can make this work.  I'll have better numbers by early next week which should let us know if we will be a "go" or not.

I am also desperate to makeover the boys' room.  The room hasn't been painted or decorated since before we brought Isaiah home as a baby.  When Noah arrived we just added some closet shelving and a toddler bed for Isaiah.  Their room is out-dated.  Too young for them.  Nothing matches.  And I haven't bothered finding actual "homes" for most of their toys in there.

So I have big plans for re-doing their room.  But of course it has to be on a budget.  And look nice.  And make the room feel spacious.  And function really well.  Especially if this baby ends up being a boy, and we have three boys sharing a room down the road.  (I should go on the Nate Berkus show or something for a Design Challenge.)

First thing we need is a bunk bed.  I have it in my head that I don't want to spend more than $150 on the bed.  Preferably no more than $200 including the mattresses.  Do you know how hard it is to find a non-ugly, wood, bunk bed that is affordable?  I have seen a few on craigslist, and even though I am checking multiple times a day, they seem to get snatched up right from under me.  So the search continues.

Meanwhile, I thought I would look around for bedding for the boys.  I decided I wanted quilts instead of comforters or duvets.  Again, do you know how hard it is to find non-ugly, affordable quilts?  Best thing I could find was pretty cute, for $99 each.  I need two of them.  And I really didn't want to get two of the exact same quilt.  I wanted two quilts with the same color schemes, but that were slightly different, so each boy could be unique.  So I had two choices.  Order custom-made quilts and pay upwards of $200 each.  Or....

Yep.  I went to the fabric store today and bought fabric to make my own quilts!  What am I doing?  Who knows.  I have never made a quilt.  But how hard can it be to sew a bunch of little squares together, right?  (Please be aware that I am trying not to bite my tongue as it is currently in my cheek.)  The only thing is this:  the fabric wasn't as cheap as I thought it would be.  I ended up spending $127 (okay, that included a piece of chocolate for me and some Starburst for the kids) on all the fabric and batting.  And who knows if I have even close to enough (or way too much) of what I need.

Oh well.  I have never left a sewing project unfinished, no matter how frustrating it's gotten.  And I intend to come out victorious on this one as well.  It's not like I'm six-months-pregnant and have a million other things going on.  I am actually looking forward to this and can't wait to get started as soon as the fabric finishes drying.

So that's what's keeping me busy.  Besides the usual.  Oh, and Skyping Brian as much as possible, which is absolutely great.  I've already talked to him probably five times on this trip.  Pretty good since last time I only got to talk to him twice the whole trip.  I heart Skype.


Micaela said...

Let me know if you need any help will all of your projects. They sound like fun! My schedule is much more open now, as long as I can bring Shawn. : )

shell said...

ikea has a basic wooden bunkbed, i think it is under $200. nothing fancy, but does the job! ours have held up really good.
and for quilts, i was going to say target. we have all our kids quilts from there and the best part is they wash VERY good, which is great with peeing puking kids. but making one is awesome and you rock because i have always thought about it, but never sewed one!

Shana said...

I saw this one at Ikea, but I was concerned about the sturdiness of it. Is this the one you have, Shell?