Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My New Addiction

The kids and I are off for a fun field trip this morning, to a local, old-fashioned Candy Shoppe.  But before we go I wanted to share with you my latest addiction.


That's right, my new favorite place to go is the thrift store!

I've been in thrift-stores before, but mostly for things like shopping for an "ugly" sweater for last year's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

Then, this Christmas as we were setting the table for our full-house, it hit me that I had a total of four - FOUR, matching dinner plates.  I used to have 12, back when Brian and I got married.  But one of the side-affects of teaching kids to do chores is, you loose dishes.  And let's be honest, Brian and I have broken our fair share, too.

Anyway, the day after Christmas, Brian and I were out running errands and I yelled, "pull over!" when we drove by Goodwill.  Brian thought I was crazy when I said, "I want to look for some new plates".  You see, we've been wanting to get new dishes for about a year and a half.  And we've priced some sets out at Pottery Barn.  But we've never been able to pull the trigger on the couple-hundred dollars it was going to cost to get some plain, white, dishes.

As we browsed the dishes at Goodwill I found two sets of white dinner plates - each with slightly different patterns.  And I loved them.  I picked out six plates from each set, and went home with 12 new plates for the bargain price of $9.  Love it!

Now I have a cupboard that boasts a tall stack of dinner plates.  And even though they don't necessarily "match", I love the eclectic look around the dinner table.

So there you go.  Since then, any time we see a thrift store while we're driving, we pull over and see what treasures we can't live without.  We've found bike helmets, ski coats, snow boots, Nerf guns, home decor items...all for practically pennies.

Oh, and if you want to know, I can rank all the local thrift stores in order from nicest to grossest.  (Not that that will stop me from going to any of them!)


Beth said...

Please rank them. I never seem to have much luck at thrift stores so tips on your favs would be great!

Shana said...

Well, Beth, obviously the selection at each of them is changing all the time. But here's our ranking of the 4 we've been to recently.

#1 - Deseret Industries. Those mormons really know how to organize / display things. Stuff was nicely organized and seemed pretty clean. One complaint is that they seem to focus more on sorting by color than by size.

#2 - St. Vincent de Paul. Small, but nicely organized and also pretty clean.

#3 - Idaho Youth Ranch. Pretty big and lots of good stuff. Some of the shelves just had random junk thrown on them. (But sometimes that's the most fun to go through.)

#4 - Goodwill. Huge, but a lot of junk and things aren't sorted / displayed super nice. But, like I said, I found my dishes there, so good things can be found.

There you have it! These are all in or near Meridian. We haven't branched out to other cities - yet. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been "thrifting" for years :) would agree that DI is the best, but I would rate for great finds #2 to Goodwill even though you do have to dig a bit more -- love that each day a different color tag is %50 off, then a tie for St. V and Idaho Youth you just park in one lot go there and then walk to the other store ;) they are like "one" store to me since they are back to back :) Leah

Renee said...

Those are SO pretty!

Sadie said...

Shana, I TOO have a huge thrifting bug that began over the last year. SO fun right!?
Wanted to comment on your quest to find the perfect quilt. I fell in love with these at Target. I love the colors and simplicity. AND, the quality is really nice and substantial. I too wanted quilts over the duvet. I would have bought them had I not already plunked down far too much for matching ones at pottery barn. Ugh. Anyway, it sounds like you may have something already in the works with your fabric purchase. :) But just in case, they might just appeal to you. I think they are darling.
The target link was REALLY long, so just look up Circo Team Spirit Quilt Set at Good luck!!