Thursday, January 27, 2011

Belly Stuff

Something has happened recently.  In the last couple of weeks it's like a spotlight has turned on over me, and suddenly everyone, everywhere, notices that I'm pregnant.  And they comment on the fact that I'm pregnant.

It started two weeks ago when I was at my best friend's house.  Her sons, 6 and 3, both had a lightbulb go off and finally figured out that there is a baby in my belly.  They have both been around me the whole pregnancy, and been told that there is a baby in me, but on this particular day they really "got it".  

But the kicker was a few nights later, standing in church, when the 6-year old came over to me in the middle of worship and said "your back's getting chubby, too". 

(For what it's worth, I thought that comment was hilarious.  Still do.)

But now, suddenly adults can't stop commenting either.  On Sunday, Brian and I were out running errands and stopped at a gas station.  I went in for supplies candy, and as I was paying, the clerk struck up a conversation about my belly, when I was due, how she couldn't believe we were intentionally NOT finding out the sex of the baby, how her sister is pregnant with a boy, how she herself has two boys, and how her mom is busy buying tons of baby stuff.  When I got out to the car I told Brian how "over" I am talking to strangers about my pregnancy.

Then we went to Costco.  Brian left me standing in an aisle while he went back to grab something.  While I was waiting for him, near the sample lady, she suddenly turned around and asked me when I was due. 


Really?  Wow, I thought you were due any time now.

Just then Brian walked up and saw what was happening, and started laughing.  

It's like every time I walk into a room, people grab towels and start boiling water - just in case.  

So here I am, about six months pregnant:

I actually have to say that I think this picture makes me look smaller.  At least than how I see myself in the mirror.  

I wasn't going to show you this one, because I think my thighs look fat (they are).  But, here it is anyway. 

And just an extra little tidbit for you.  When I sit in a chair, my belly rests on the top of my legs.  That's right.  I can even feel the baby kicking from my legs.  Sexy.  


Owlhaven said...

Utter cuteness!!

Mary, mom to 10

Anonymous said...


Renee said...

You are so CUTE! ALL baby is what you are :o)

spoonerbyrd said...


I bet you are "over" sharing the details with random strangers. Hang in there!

Brown Birdy said...

Awhaha I love this post Shana. You are totally a sexy prego! Possible back fluff and all ;) And your thighs are SO NOT fat-I can some stand next to you in the mirror for a while if it will help you feel better?! ;) Love ya mama

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!! [:-)

Rachel in Idaho