Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Timeline

July 29 - I arrive home from a long trip in Washington.  Brian is home from a trip to Japan.  We are really happy to see each other.  (Hee, hee - TMI!)

August 8 - Sunday night, and I am packing for our family vacation the next morning.  Suddenly I have a suspicious feeling.  I rummage through my bathroom drawer and find an old pregnancy test - in the foil wrapper, but with no directions.  I pee on it, and a line shows up in each of the two windows.  Then I realize that without the directions, I have no idea what the two lines mean.  I head down to the computer with a pale face, kick Brian off, and try googling the serial number.  That yielded no additional information, so off to Walgreens Brian went.  Two tests later and we had confirmation that, yes, I was 4 weeks pregnant.

Week 5 - We enjoyed our family vacation despite the fact that I wasn't able to enjoy most of our planned activities (mimosas, wakeboarding and hot tubbing). 

Week 6 - We went camping at Redfish Lake.  I continued my training for a 1/2 marathon and enjoyed a nice 5+ mile run.

Week 7 - The fatigue and constant nausea set in.

Week 7.5 - I start homeschooling Emma.

Week 8 - Completed my longest-ever run (7 miles) with my training partner.  The next day, had some spotting, so got some blood work and an ultrasound to make sure everything looked okay with the pregnancy.  Everything checked out fine.

Week 9 - I quit running, but continued swimming and walking.

Week 10 - I head to Florida for a visit with my brother and his family.  I feel sick the whole time.

Week 11 - I have my first OB checkup.  Things look great.

Week 11.5 - We finally tell our kids that we are having a baby.

Week 12 - Brian and I go on our anniversary trip.  My pregnancy sickness is still not any better, plus I get the flu on our last day.

Week 13 - I feel little "flutters" when the baby moves.

Week 14 - I suddenly start bleeding heavily on a Sunday night.  Brian and I are sure we've lost the baby.  We opt not to go to the ER, unless I really need to, since we have a scheduled ultrasound the next morning.  We survive an emotional night.  Then, miraculously, the next morning the bleeding stopped, and the ultrasound showed the baby alive and well.  The bleeding was from the placenta, but there was no explanation for it.

Week 15 - I start researching a local birthing center and feel compelled to give it a try.  We tour the facility and meet with one of the midwives, and decide to transfer there for the remainder of my prenatal care.

Week 17 - I finally start feeling like the "morning sickness" is over. 

Week 20 - We finally make the announcement to the rest of our family (in person), that we are having another baby.  It feels so good to finally be able to talk about it in the open.

Week 20.5 - We have our ultrasound and manage to exercise self-control and not find out the sex.  Everything looks good with the baby.


Jen said...

I was just doing the calculations today! I was slightly suspicious in Redfish because I noticed that you didn't drink, but I thought FOR SURE you would have told me (and I didn't want to be that friend, asking over and over ... although I do remember a conversation as we were driving back to Boise about you two potentially having a fifth and how that might fit with your current family ... you seriously should have told me then!!) Anyway, I figured you didn't (and I thought you would have), so I chalked up the lack of drinks to to your race and training commitments! Fooled me! So excited for you! Congrats!! (and sorry for all the scares along the way - ick!) *I'm here to chat anytime -- not that the secret's out! Luv ya!

Jen said...

I meant: NOW that the secret's out.

Renee said...

Yipppee!!! Yippeee!!! Yipppeee!!!

wendy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news! ;-)

Sadie said...

Yay, so excited for you all. Congrats. Wow. Five. :)

Anonymous said...

So wonderful!! Congratulations. :)