Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Girl is 7!

Yesterday was Emma's 7th birthday.  Seven years ago I became a parent.  Yet I can barely remember a time when I didn't have kids.  Isn't it amazing what a transformation your life takes once you have kids?  It's like your life is finally starting to have purpose.  And also like you are finally an adult.

Actually, I didn't really feel like an adult until after I was over 30 and had four kids.  And even still, it feels like I was JUST in high school.  Why does Biniam always laugh whenever I compare his school situations to my high school situations?  It's still totally relevant. 

Anyway, back to Emma.  Not to brag on her too much, but she is a JOY to have in our family.  She's the only girl with three brothers, so she can hold her own around boys.  In fact, most of her friends are boys.  But she is also still a girly-girl, and loves dolls and makeup and dresses. 

What I love most about Emma is her spirit.  She is compassionate, considerate, sensitive, and flexible.  We actually had to change her birthday party plans around a few times, and each time she was completely understanding and excited for the change - even if the change didn't seem "better" to us, she found the joy in it. 

Emma, we love you and are so proud of you.  Thank you for introducing us to parenthood seven years ago. 


Grandpa Jim said...

That is a great, great photo of the two of you. One last time, Happy Birthday Emma, and Happy Adulthood, Shana.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma! Love you,
Aunt Lisa

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Emma! I had to LOL at you only being a parent for 7 years. It's been a very productive 7 years!!!

The Swanson Family said...

If it helps, you look the just the same in that picture with your daughter as you did when we all lived in the cul d sac!! You haven't changed a bit!

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