Friday, October 29, 2010

Cozy Friday

Today is kind of a slow day around here.  All of us are still in our jammies (it's 1:00 PM).  We've done a little school, watched the original Toy Story, and now the kids are playing "Horse" - kind of like "House", except they're horses. 

I'm craving a comfort-weekend.  Cozy family time.  Simple activities, like maybe finally getting around to carving our pumpkins.  Comfort food, like maybe something in the crock pot.  I am currently browsing stew recipes. 

Of course Sunday we have "Fall Fest" activities.  A little side-note:  my kids honestly think the holiday is named Fall Fest, which is what our church calls it's Halloween party.  I'm fine with that. 

As for costumes, I told the kids they had to work with whatever we had at home.  Emma will be a princess in one of her dress-up outfits.  Isaiah has an astronaut costume, which he is going to add a "shiny" helmet to.  We are either going to use his silver ski-helmet, or maybe wrap his bike helmet in tin foil.  Noah might be some sort of superhero or something.  Or maybe just Potty Training Boy.

Speaking of potty training, you all probably think that Noah was potty trained a couple of months ago.  Remember this post?  Well what you don't know is that on day 3, with little-to-no-change from day 1, I threw in the towel.  He just wasn't ready, and we were approaching a family vacation where I didn't want to deal with accidents.  So last weekend, Brian, bless his heart, spent all day Saturday and even stayed home from church on Sunday, potty training Noah.  Then of course I've picked up the reins this week.  And guess what?  It's worked!  He's had no accidents the last couple of days, including outings to the gym and church.  And he's even been staying dry during naps, and all night last night.  It took a few days longer than expected, but that seems to be Noah's M.O. - reminding me that I actually know NOTHING about parenting.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Movie night with family?  Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood?  Closing all your blinds and turning off all the lights?  (We actually used to do that when I was young:) 


Anonymous said...


And for the weekend, maybe Brian will want to cozy up around the World Series or the Broncos game. Did you accidently forget those possibilities?


Anonymous said...

Shana, When you were young on Halloween we purchased a bunch of your favorite candy, rented a movie, put a pumpkin with a cross in it, also on a poster we explained that we were Christians & attached it to the front door & thats why we turned off the lights. But I do remember running to the window to watch & prayer for a couple of young people reading our Christian tracts under the street lights....PTL for our current church making an impact in the community with Fall Fest. Love mom xo