Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Big Bike Upgrade

A while ago I picked up a great new bike for Isaiah at a garage sale for a whopping $4.  (As a side note, I rarely pay more than $5 for kids bikes.)

The bike was too big for Isaiah, so we told him that when he turned 4, he could move up to it.  So last week we pumped up the tires, lowered the seat and gave Isaiah his inaugural ride.

Despite the fact that he still can barely reach the ground from the seat, he quickly became a pro on the larger bike.  He has also mastered the Elegant Crash, which is a result of not reaching the ground when he stops.  Doesn't bother him one bit!

Noah also got to upgrade to Isaiah's old bike.  We put the training wheels back on it, and Noah took off. 

And not to be outdone in the tricks department, Noah shows that shoe size doesn't matter. 


Anonymous said...

Have Isaiah turn that frown upside down and he's all set!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! [:-)

Rachel in Idaho

Cat said...

My son has the same bike as Isaiah! A craigslist find in a birthday pinch :) Very cute.