Saturday, August 07, 2010

DIY Tip: Crisp paint lines

Taking a break from our school-room makeover to share a quick tip with you.  Have you ever tried painting stripes, or just wanted a nice, clean line on a textured wall?  If you used just blue painter's tape and expected a crisp line, you were probably disappointed when you peeled the tape back and saw that some of the paint had bled between the tape and the wall texture.

Here is a tip I learned a few years ago when I painstakingly painted stripes in Emma's room.  To keep the paint from bleeding, use silicone caulk to seal the tape first. 

Start with the blue painter's tape marking off the area you want to paint.  Make sure you press it down really firm. 

Then run a thin line of caulk down the inside edge of the tape (the side you are going to paint on).  With your finger, spread the caulk really smooth and thin, making sure it crosses over both the edge of the tape, and the wall you are going to paint (just a quarter inch or so each way is fine, but more is okay too - just don't caulk on the side you are not planning on painting). 

Only caulk 6 - 12 inches at a time and work fast to smooth it before it starts to dry.  Otherwise you will get clumps. 

When you are ready to paint, go over the wall and slightly over the tape as usual.  Let the paint dry completely, and do two coats if necessary.  Then carefully peel your tape off and enjoy perfect, crisp lines.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Shana! Awesome tip! My hubby is a painter, and I bet he doesn't know this one. I'll be passing it on. :)
Rachel in Idaho