Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I am all about following the law.  And I feel it would just be a crime to not let the rest of the world see Noah's cute buns and legs in his Big Boy underwear.

So here you go.  It's the right thing to do.

The reason he is standing on the picnic table is that he heard an airplane outside.  Turns out it was the crop duster at the neighboring field, providing quite the show for Noah. 

Suddenly the plane got MUCH louder, and I looked out to see it flying RIGHT over Noah's head.  This two year old could not have been happier. 

By the time I grabbed my camera the plane had passed, but it was maybe 100 feet over Noah's head.


Sarah said...

Shana, I love it. We are right behind you but this Mama isn't ready. Does the book really work?

Anonymous said...

He's got the flying in his blood....Love mom, grandma Barb