Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, in Chelan

We had a fun, busy weekend here in Chelan.  Some friends and family were here to race in the triathlon, so we had a house full.  Although I didn't get to compete, I still had a great time cheering everyone on.  Plus Emma and Isaiah both did the kids triathlon which is so fun to watch.  They both did great! 

The house emptied out this morning, including my dad, who made a quick trip home for the day, so it's been just the kids and I.  Usually when we're in Chelan our days are jam-packed with things to do.  Don't get me wrong; it's fun things like swimming, wake boarding, hot tubbing, wine tasting, etc.  But I have to admit I'm really enjoying the down-time here.

After breakfast the kids watched a show while I got in a quick workout.  Then I cooled off on the deck, watching the waves with my iced coffee.  Then we drove into town for some groceries and a stop at the fruit market.  We came back, had lunch, ate popsicles in the grass, and the kids went down for naps.  I spent a couple hours doing chores, and now relaxing in front of the huge, lakeside windows.

Really, does it get much better?  Oh, it probably will when the kids and I go for a swim in a bit. 

I love Chelan!

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spoonerbyrd said...

Sounds super wonderful! What a fun treat to be surrounded by beauty and healthy children.