Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday update

The kids and I are on a bit of a vacation.  We are enjoying time at my dad's lakehouse, which is located two miles from the location of the triathlon I was supposed to be doing this weekend.  We already had plans to be here, plus we have friends competing, so we went ahead with our travel plans, despite the fact that I am not racing. 

We are scheduled to be here at the lake for a week, then head further west late next week for a wedding in Seattle.  Usually our time at the lake is short, or jam-packed with fun and people, so it's kind of nice enjoying quiet time, leisurely running errands and such. 

The kids and my dad and I just got back from a nice boat ride, which was the highlight of Noah's life so far.  Now the boys are napping, and Emma is pulling at me to go swimming with her. 

My blogging may be a bit light next week, and I don't have my camera cable so there will not be any pictures.  But I'll try and keep you up to date on how much fun we're having!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun! Say hi to everyone too. Love Mom