Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have had some breakthrough in my swimming recently.  I am working on body positioning and efficiency in the water.  Occasionally I count how many strokes it takes to swim one length of the pool.  Last week I went from a best of 23 strokes down to 17. 

Last night Brian and I swam together.  It was his first time in the water in 5 weeks.  He still smoked me in our sprints.  Grrr.

I am going through the entire house collecting stuff for a garage sale this weekend.  I love de-cluttering!

I am really excited about some new systems we have in place for saving money on groceries.  I will be sharing them in the upcoming days/weeks. 

I recently got a prescription for birth control pills filled.  I can't bring myself to start taking them.  I guess partly it's because I wouldn't really mind if I got pregnant.  But mostly I just don't want to be putting more chemicals into my body.  It's the side-effects I'm really worried about.  Nausea, vomiting, headaches, weight gain, dizziness, and on and on.  Um, no thanks.  Anyone have anything enlightening to share with me about that?

Sorry, Dad, for that last paragraph.


spoonerbyrd said...

I always get smoke by my hubby and it bites. Well, I mean, it's always been that way so maybe I get smoked because I stopped trying to beat him. I'm really thinking about this.

The important thing is that you are improving, not that you beat him. And plus, you have a way better bike seat and I think we were talking about biking so this totally relates.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..."Nausea, vomiting, headaches, weight gain, dizziness, and on and on". Side effects of drugs? Or side effects of getting pregnant? Sounds like the same result either way, only one way I get another grandbaby.

The only way to use the pill successfully with no side effects is to put one between your knees and hold it there!

Josie said...

I love reading your blog, you got me involved with PW!! I love her sight and made the same yummy cinnamon buns that you did. I also have some reservations about BC, so I found a web site and book to help me along. It's called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It uses natural body signals to put you in a little bit more control of things. I rented the book from my library and there is also a web site, I hope that that helps you, it sure has helped me.

Pure Mod Life said...

oh gosh i feel you there, we've toiled with it for ages. altho we've just done the whole counting days thing or some call it natural family planning..whatever the term it's worked for us. but it can b scary if your not super confident about your cycles :) I'm with you on the pill..yuck, who knows what messing with that does, besides make me feel like cr-p!

Mama of 5 said...

The pill makes me super sick and super crazy...just ask my hubby. :) We got two babies in the same week after I stopped taking the pill. :) Best thing ever! my hubby got the big V!

jmae3 said...

Ha I came to rec the book TCYF too! We LOVE this book-it's SO your thing-charting like a mad woman! lol You'll enjoy the process of learning more about your body, knowing you can be the one to determine what happens inside-vs relying on a pill and the daily, dare I say clam routine? of charting your fertility. It's great for any woman about to marry on to menopause! Get it-you'll be so thankful you did!