Monday, May 10, 2010

A few things

My hubby is finally home from a 2-week business trip.  He was out of country, so we only got to talk a few times, which was a bummer.  It's so nice to have him back now, even if the jet-lag has him wandering around like a zombie. 

It's amazing how much laundry and mess men produce.  My work load was noticeably lighter the last two weeks.  (But you're worth it, Honey.)

I had a wonderful Mother's day.  Given the fact that Brian didn't get home until late Saturday night, I took matters into my own hands for Mother's day.  On Saturday I treated myself to a pedicure, then called Brian and told him thanks for the gift.  Then my bff and I cooked up a storm and made some of our favorite foods to have on Sunday.  We had guacamole, bacon, quiche, and PW's cinnamon rolls.  Yum.

This week I'll have an update for you on my garden experiment.  A hint:  some of you Seasoned Gardeners might be saying "I told you so". 

Now I'm off to try and work off some of those cinnamon rolls!

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