Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Birthday Recap

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  Brian came home from work at noon, and we dropped the kids at my friend's and took off for an afternoon together.

We ate lunch at a wonderful bistro downtown.  Then we walked to the local Co-op, where we browsed organic stuff and I bought my first Tea Tree oil.  Then we went to the local women's running store where I got custom fitted for new running shoes, and Brian bought me the shoes as my gift.

As a side note, I thought that was the perfect way to give me a gift.  You see, Brian is petrified of giving me any sort of clothing or accessory item.  He seems to think I am picky.  Plus he gets offended if I take something back that he's given me.  And he knows I know that, so then he constantly wonders if I really like what he gave me, or if I'm just keeping it because I know he would be crushed if I took it back. So finally, the perfect solution.  We go shopping together, which means we get to spend time together, plus Brian can confidently buy something that I like and that fits.  Why didn't we think of that sooner?

After shopping we went back to my girlfriend's house to pick up the kids and ended up hanging out and eating cookie dough.  Plus she sent us home with cookies and a cake.  I blame her for my soft middle section.

And as if we hadn't eaten enough, we went out to dinner, followed by two different cakes at home. 

I won't be eating for a week, but I will be basking in the memories of a wonderful birthday.  Thanks everyone!

Alternate blog title could have been "All About Brian".  He's so handsome.

2 comments: vie said...

Sounds like a fun time!! And congrats on the Tea Tree Oil. I love it (and even posted a cleaning recipe for it on my blog today). It's fantastic also mixed in your face lotion (just a bit...and it helps on redness) and perfect in bath water! Okay, okay...I'm apparently really excited. :)

spoonerbyrd said...

Hooray! Yippee! Woo hoo! Holla! Woot woot! Aww yeah baby! Just trying to capture all of my love for my person in some way. Happy Birthday!