Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Darlings

After we returned to our townhouse from church Easter morning, I set out to capture a decent picture of all four kids in their Easter outfits.  We had so much fun taking the pictures that I just kept clicking away and the kids kept giving me good material.

I apologize in advance for this barrage of photos.  I just can't help myself.

Gettin' set up.

Trying to convince Noah to stand still and keep his jacket on. 

I think Isaiah's pretty convincing!

Not too bad, though Noah's not quite sure.

Me: "Brian, do something funny!"

Dad's almost funny.

There we go.

The laughs just keep coming!

We can't get them to stop!

Now Noah can't get enough of everyone.

And they're starting to relax.

And workin' it for the camera.

"Come on, let's show how much we love each other."

"All together now."



That's better.

Such sibling love.

Uh-oh, Noah's breaking away from the pack again.

I see it on his face.  He's up to something.

Don't do it, Noah.

Oh good, he's back.

But something must have happened while he was away. 

Something's just not quite right.

I knew's the wind-up.

And the Lion in him has taken over.  "Roar!"

"You like that, guys?"

"How about this?"


Phew. The end. I'm sorry.  I'll seek help immediately.


Renee said...

Totally and completely cracking up! You are so blessed with beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

Shana, You got the whole story....I just loved it!
Love mom

Anonymous said...

Well worth the time...almost like a movie...with a plot or two and a "twist" at the end!

spoonerbyrd said...

Loved it. I totally laughed out loud.

jmae3 said...

OMG I love these kids...