Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garden Work

We're getting started on this year's garden. Last year was our first attempt at gardening, and we had a blast. This year we are trying a few new things, and doing more of the things we really enjoyed last year. Here's the list of what we have planned.

Artichokes (I stinkin' LOVE artichokes, so if this goes well, I will be a very, very happy lady.)
Bell Pepper
Yellow Squash
Green Beans
Yellow Onions
Green Onions
Also our first herb garden: garlic, basil, rosemary, chives and thyme.

We will be starting a few things indoors, and sowing a few more things directly into the ground right away. Everything else we will be sowing directly into the ground in a few weeks as we get closer to the last frost. Last year we had good success with just sowing directly into the ground (versus transplanting "starts") but we wished we had started a little sooner.

Here are some pictures, mostly courtesy of Emma.

Mixing the new soil and manure together.
Noah, doing the ever-important task of cutting the dirt.
Working hard while my "staff" contemplate our next move.
Such a tough chick.
It's okay Shana, it's just an airplane. You've seen one before.
Thanks a lot, Emma.
This time I'm getting a little more help from the staff.
Emma's not the only aspiring photographer in the family. Although she was completely thrilled with this shot. "Mom! I got EVERYONE in this picture!"


Marie said...

What a fantastic family project! And you look fabulous! Miss you guys so very much!!

Anonymous said...

Shana, I chuckled my way through the photos. You have such a nice "crew/staff" and a wonderful sense of humor.
Love mom

shell said...

i loved the photo's too! you are on the ball. i am debating whether or not to plant this year-your pictures reminded me it is fun for all! thanks!