Thursday, December 03, 2009

Warning: Distractions can be costly

I don't know what it is, but I seem to have a low tolerance for my kids' behavior today. And they seem to know it, and are taking every opportunity to test me just a bit.

So I just made a quick trip to the grocery store with the two little boys. We were on a time crunch in order to get back in time to meet Emma's bus. I only needed to get milk and bananas, so instead of going to the discount grocery store across town, I went down the road to Albertson's. No big deal, since I was only getting two items.

As I walked into the produce section I happily discovered that apples were at the "preferred" price of $.68 a pound. I usually pay around $.98 a pound, so I gleefully loaded up two bags. I didn't come for apples, but I couldn't pass up the deal. Little did I know that while I was loading up on my cheap apples, Noah was helping himself to a $1.99 a POUND apple. The only reason I discovered him was that I overheard an old lady giggling at him. So now I have two bags of apples, plus one single apple in my basket.

Then I got the bananas, and headed over to the milk, which was also at a lower preferred price. I headed to the checkout line and thought to myself that this trip to the "expensive store" was actually working out okay (minus the Apple of Gold). Then I hissed at my boys to quit running and screaming, and went to the open self-checkout line.

As I'm scanning my items and entering in my codes, I am also trying to coax a 3-year old and 1-year old to not run away. Also listening to them make friends and give high-fives to a complete stranger. Also catching them laying face down, licking the floor.

We made it out to the car and down the road, and it wasn't until I pulled into my neighborhood that I realized: I DIDN'T ENTER MY PREFERRED CODE.

I spent $16.50 on 1 gallon of milk, bananas, and apples that I didn't need at a price HIGHER than I would normally pay.


Anonymous said...

One word: Straightjackets.
Maybe that's two words...same dif.

bwhite said...

You certainly put up with a lot and I really appreciate it and love you much. Why don't you give yourself a raise... say 20%.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Customer Service desk - get a price adjustment.

Veronica Aitkins said...

Yes, in your spare time get that price adjustment.