Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's Get Ugly!

Brian and I hosted our first (annual?) Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. There were some very, very disturbing outfits. I tried to class things up a little bit with some pretty candles. The class ended there.

We tried to get pictures as people walked in and revealed their outfits.

Bryan and Jenni looked nice at first. Even dapper and glamorous. But that ended quickly.

See? Aint nothin' pretty about that!

Is that a smooth Gent from the 50's?

Nah. I'm going with sleazy used-car salesman.

It's the Vest Ladies! These vests were just awful. Does anyone really wear these? If you do, I apologize. And please stop.

Uh-oh. Things are getting crazy, and people are just arriving!

Oh man. What do I say? That's the man I married.

The winning couple. She actually bought the sweater "new" at a retail store. Seriously, who makes these things? He had little ornaments all over his sweater that kept falling off, leaving a trail of where he'd been. And his pants? They're jammies.

Here's the best picture of Brian's outfit I could find (if you're lucky, maybe I'll post a video of him prancing around in it). But yes, that is a sequin vest. And tight, awful, 80's pants. And my red socks. And please don't ask what he and the other guys are doing on the couch. Things got weird.

I wish I'd gotten a better "group" photo, but here are most of the girls.

And most of the guys.

Here's to a great party. And hopes that your holidays are a little prettier than ours.


shell said...

how fun! Looks like you guys had such a fun time! think our kids will have these parties in 20 years, wearing the sweaters we wear now? :)

spoonerbyrd said...

loved it!!!

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