Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lesson learned

Today I learned a very important lesson in parenting: ALWAYS, no matter what, make sure I am dressed before Emma goes out to the bus.

Our typical morning routine is this. I sleep as long as the kids will let me. Then when I have to, I roll out of bed, go into Emma's room to get her started on getting dressed, come back into my room, plug in the flat iron, go potty, and wait for Emma to show up. Then I style Emma's hair, grab the boys, and we all go downstairs to eat, get Emma's coat on, and usher her out the door to catch the bus.

Now, it is important to note that the bus picks up Emma right across the street from our house. And I watch out the window to see when the bus is just about there, then I send her across the street, watching her as she goes.

Well today was no different. Except when I rolled out of bed and looked down at what I was wearing - a flimsy tank top and Brian's underwear - I decided to pull some running capris on for a little warmth/modesty. Fast forward to Emma running out the door to the bus. I stood in the doorway watching/freezing. She made it across the street, then towards the bus. Then the unthinkable happened - she took a nose dive right there on the sidewalk. I froze. Prayed she would get up and continue on. But there she was, face-down and sprawled out on the sidewalk, screaming. I looked toward the house longingly, praying to God he would make some shoes, or a cover-up - ANYTHING appear. But there wasn't time. Emma was crying. The neighbor lady was bending over her. And the bus was waiting. I had to go. So there I ran, down the driveway, across the street, and along the sidewalk. Barefoot. Flimsy tank top. No bra. Morning face and hair.

Emma was fine. Just a bump on her knee and a bruised ego. She chose to get on the bus and continue on to school. I, on the other hand, might take a little longer to recover.


Laura B. said...

That is hysterically awful!

Chris said...

LOL !!! Something similar happened to me before too :)
Love it

Jen said...

You are hilarious!! Great story! (and well written too!)

spoonerbyrd said...

oh shana, too funny!!! too, too, too funny. i'm laughing. lots of laughing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh; you're on You Tube! The bus driver must have had a camera. go to: "Crazed semi-nude mom on crack rescues daughter"

Jmae said...

sorry but I'm laughing! Only because we all have our stories! Just this evening Alan was out w a buddy-when he got dropped off at 1 am I was on the couch in a tee and underware-no bra either lol...Alan's knocking at the door without his keys and wanting me to open it for him...AND his buddy! I was like Uhhhh NO! Finally I get him to realized why I'm not getting up to help him and he announces it to his friend...thanks hubs lol