Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I have had zucchini coming out of my ears this week. Today I grated and froze a bunch, in hopes that this winter I can keep the zucchini bread flowing. I have also been sneaking zucchini into recipes whenever possible. Like into waffles. Yum! Or tonight, inspired by Pioneer Woman's quesadilla recipe, I made quesadillas with zucchini instead of peppers. Yum!

But, friends, I have a new love. For dessert tonight we had Zucchini Apple Bread. It was love at first bite. We were meant to be together, Zucchini Apple Bread, and me.

Do yourself a favor. Get a zucchini. Get an apple (I used Gala). And use this recipe!


Marie said...

The bread sounds delicious, I printed the recipe! Can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

Can you have some warm when we get there?


Jonnie said...

Zucchini... love it! Have you ever looked at the recipe book, where adding vegees to your regular recipes that goes unnoticed by your kids? Robin got it for me for Christmas last year... I love it! Adding broccoli and cauliflower as well as zucchini to most any recipe so they get the vitamins and nutrition but not the texture or taste... let me know and I'll lend it to you! You are Shana the elegant pioneer, in my eyes!!!