Thursday, July 23, 2009

Splash N Dash!

While we were in Chelan, Emma also completed her first Triathlon - the kid's Splash N Dash. It consists of a 50 meter "swim" (it's in shallow water, and most kids walk it), almost 1 mile bike, and almost 1/4 mile run.

Biniam got to run along side Emma and accompany her through the whole race. Brian and I were thankful for that as we quickly realized how spent our legs were from our race earlier that morning.

Emma was in the last of seven heats, which was all kids 5 and under. She got right up to the start of the line for the swim and when the gun went off - she went for it! I fully expected her to walk the whole way through the water, but to my surprise she put her face in the water and attempted to swim part of it!

Emma came out of the water with a smile and determination to get to her transition area quickly. Brian and Biniam helped her get her gear on, then they ran her bike up the hill to the start of the bike route. Emma is the type who has a reputation of taking everything in and, let's say, taking time to smell the roses. So I was shocked at the speed and determination she was showing.

Emma took off on her bike with Biniam running beside her, and rounded the corner and out of our sight. Before long we could see them heading back towards us - concentration on Emma's face, concern for slowing down on Biniam's face.

Transition to run went smoothly and off they went through the park and up the hill. That's when I completely expected Emma to slow down and take a break. But she didn't! She kept on running her little heart out until the steep part of the hill where she took a very brief walking break, then continued running up the rest of the hill and back down to the finish line.

Emma crossed the finish line, received her medal and lots of praise and congrats from her fans. We were so proud!


Laura B. said...

That is darling! Good job Emma (and Biniam!).

Anonymous said...

Biniam had quite the big weekend too. He was SO supportive and motivating for Emma! He will be next year's new triathlete.

Shana, did you get pictures of Biniam's new wakeboarding skills?

Grandpa Jim

jenn lee said...

so so proud of her!!! what an amazing accomplishment!

Our Family Adventure said...

Way to go Emma and what an awesome brother Biniam is!! That is so cute that he ran along side her. :)

SimplyGrove said...

Seriously! That is awesome!!! Congrats Emma!!!! And what a great brother she has:)