Thursday, August 06, 2009


We've been in a heat-wave lately, but today woke up to rain - CRAZY rain, and cooler temperatures, too. I love the rain. I'm a Seattle Girl, so I think the rain brings comfort and familiarity to me. I also love me a good thunder storm, and even as I'm writing this I am surrounded by some pretty impressive lighting and thunder crashes. My friend Jonnie is probably hiding under her bed right now.

So today the kids headed outside to splash in some rain puddles. Emma loved it. She's been waiting for months and months to get to use her cute rain gear.

Isaiah was a little more reserved. Also, he's not a big fan of getting messy. So he quickly ditched the puddle nonsense and rode off on his bike.

Emma reminds me of me. I remember doing the exact same thing when I was young: running around the neighborhood, waving my umbrella at the lightning. Wait.

Noah is a natural. Although the umbrella is a little heavy, so he just drags it behind him....

...following his big sister.

She's a good big sister. Never minds having her brother in tow.

Tempting that lightning again.

Noah really couldn't get enough of the murky, stagnant water. Water that sits there for days as a result of too much automatic sprinklering (yes, it's a word) of irrigation water. Irrigation water that you're really not even supposed to play in straight-out-of-the-sprinkler, let alone been-sitting-there-for-three-weeks water. I'm a good mom. Really, I am. I gave him a bath almost immediately after. And even used soap.


Jen said...

I LOVE this post!! So super cute! When we were on Shaw last week, out of nowhere an amazing thunder-lightening-rain storm began - while the Kevin's were on the water in an aluminum boat checking the crab pots - and rocked our campsite. We were playing Uno, counting between bolts and crashes, and praying for our lives - literally. Collin went from "this is so cool" to "omg this is so scary i want to go to bed." Owen and Kate slept through the whole thing. And yes, the men were out getting the pots in the dark -- making the most of the final crabbing hours of the week. (you can only crab wed-sun and this was sunday) So crazy!!! BTW - so sad we missed you in WA!!!

Evan Lenz said...

Shana, I'm really impressed by your photos. Great job.

Cute kids too. :-)

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