Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our day

We woke up this morning to news that my niece was on her way. Only problem, she isn't due for 7 1/2 more weeks. My step-sister was on her way to the hospital in Seattle, and since our family is heading out that way on Friday anyway, we started packing up the car to head out there today.

Well, just as we were putting the final things into suitcases we got word that my step-sister got sent home, and that everything was fine - no baby today, or anytime soon, hopefully. Praise the Lord! So, instead of ditching Brian and tackling an 8-hour roadtrip by myself with 4 kids, we stayed home and enjoyed ourselves outside. Oh, and being the delegater that I am, I sent Biniam to the store for milk. On foot. And I had him take his baby brother, too.


spoonerbyrd said...

Isaiah!!!! You look like a pro on your skateboard. Watch out Tony Hawk!

Anonymous said...


Wait til you see the photo of Isaiah on my desktop...the one where he's crouched's all blown up and you can see right into his eyes like he's saying "this jump will ROCK!!!" Look at how his hands are tight little fists, like he's ready for ANYTHING.

I love him!

Grandpa Jim