Saturday, June 13, 2009

How the White's do Road-Trips

Road Trip from Shana White on Vimeo.


Brian Lenz said...

The talent!!

Marie said...

I'm glad Marie and I hung on 'til the end or else we would have missed the show from Shana...very nice! I think I saw maybe a bit of "Blue Steel" or "Magnum" in there...Doesn't look like its nearly ready yet though.

Dad/Kevin. Mom/Jennifer. said...

Ok ~ seriously! I thought Noah was the highlight (that kid is so stinkin' adorable ~ I love it!) but THEN I saw Shana's "part" in the movie ... definitely a show-stopper! Can't wait to see your next big film!!

Laura B. said...

Love it! Looks like something from our road trips! Fun!!!

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