Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Thoughts (because I am too tired to come up with anything else)

- All three of my youngest kids seem to be addicted to brushing their teeth. Brian got them new toothbrushes a week ago and they seriously can't get enough. I try to keep the bathroom door closed all the time, but you can be sure that if it gets left open you will find Noah on his tip toes digging through the top drawer for a tooth brush (doesn't have to be his...anyone's will do).

- In five days we will be getting on a plane headed for Washington D.C. and then Virginia. We're taking a 10-day family vacation with the main purpose of seeing my brother graduate college and get commissioned as a Navy Officer in the same weekend.

- Am I the only Mom who takes naps most afternoons? Okay, not most, but I wish it were. I feel like I give it my all from morning till the kids go down for afternoon naps, and by that time I am wasted and need a nap too. It would be nice to have the quiet house to myself to get things done or work on a hobby or something. But when I close that last bedroom door all I can hear is my sheets beckoning me.

- Our cat is getting spayed tonight. How ridiculous is it that I have to drop her off at 6:15 in the EVENING and then wait for the call to come get her, which could be anywhere from 7:30 - 11:30PM?!?!

- I have been stalking my front door today because the Canon Rebel Brian got me for my birthday is supposed to arrive. Can't wait!

- We had a crazy busy weekend. Biniam had a track meet AND three soccer games in Twin Falls. Emma held a donut/coffee stand to earn her own spending money for our trip (she made 20 bucks!). I had a running PR (5k in 29:59). Plus lots of other stuff that I can't remember right now.

- Sunday after church Brian took the three little kids while I stayed back at church for a little while. I thought they were going straight home, but Brian made a quick detour at the going-out-of-business sporting goods store. Next thing I know I am getting a call from Brian saying he is on his way to Urgent Care because he thinks Emma broke her collar bone. Turns out she pulled a shopping cart over on herself. The same shopping cart Noah was sitting in. Apparently Brian turned away for a second, only to hear crashing metal and screaming and to quickly realize he and this pile of metal and kids were suddenly a giant spectacle. So glad I wasn't there! Oh, and Emma's fine, too.

- This is finally the year when we are attempting a vegetable garden. Brian built raised beds and we started a bunch of plants in our kitchen from seeds. The plants have been taking off, and I'm a little worried they might get too big for their tray before we can plant them in the ground after our trip. I would post pictures of the garden and the plants, but - well, it's my nap time. :)


jmae3 said...

Where did you get your cat done? We HAVE to do our cats-they come inside sometimes and now I've banned them because they sprayed! EWW and w being pg-I almost threw up and am the only one who can still smell it!
Also-J did that the other day w the cart with his cousin in it! I thought they were totally going to be broken-but nope just disapointed they didnt reach the toy they were after! lol

Marie said...

Ok, for starters, don't feel bad about nap time, I look forward to it every day.

Next, we are counting down the days for you all to be here!

New camera? What happened to the old one? Did it break?

Congrats to Emma for earning some extra spending money, maybe she should do that more often.

I wish that I could do a garden, I have seen some veggies grown in pots before, that is the only way we could do it with all the moving ahead of us.

Owlhaven said...

John has promised me a new camera, too. Actually, I may just be buying one of Israel's. It is exactly the one I wanted - a Canon 40D, and he is not really using it. I am so excited!


Brianna Heldt said...

ummmm, yeah, i love me a good nap. ever since getting pregnant, when the nappers are napping and the non-nappers are playing quietly, i grab a blanket, lay down on the couch, turn the TV on low and, well, fall asleep. :) no chores or hobbies, just naps. so glad to have a kindred spirit! :)

*kk* said...

Love the story of Brian at the Sporting Goods store!! what a great dad.. taking them all out:)

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