Monday, March 30, 2009

Homeschool thoughts (I need your help!)

I am preparing for our meeting at the home school co-op tomorrow. I am quickly realizing how little I know about this. I have a few questions compiled, but I don't really know what I should be asking.

That's where you come in. I know a lot of my readers are home-schoolers. So I'm asking for your help. What do I need to ask? What should I be looking for? Have you ever used a co-op for your schooling? What should I expect the costs to be? What else?

Here's what I do know. The co-op is through the Vineyard church. Classes are held at their location twice a week. Three days a week the children are taught at home. Field trips and other extra curricular activities are offered as well.

We are meeting with an administrator tomorrow afternoon to find out more! Send me your comments!


Owlhaven said...

I've only done fairly casual coops, for example, with one other friend and her kids. But I'd ask about
-- parent requirements and how flexible they are if you have other kids who are sick, for example
-- #'s of kids in each group
--amount of homework expected
-- do you have freedom to bring preschoolers on the days that you help?
--Do they let various ages of kids take the same classes depending on ability and interest, etc?

Good luck!!
PS-- I still have that book for you and hope to get it to you one of these days..

Brianna Heldt said...

well as you know i haven't even started homeschooling yet :), but i think mary's questions are really good. also do you have to use THEIR curriculum, or can you do what you want?

it sounds like a really organized co-op!

what mary said about bringing other little ones along is HUGE for me (having so many!) the school anna will be at once a week is happy to have younger siblings along on days when you volunteer. that was actually one of the big drawbacks for me with public school...i wouldn't be able to be involved at all b/c what would i do with my other kids?!

so anxious to hear what you figure out!!!

trilmom said...

Hi Shana,

A day late but I wanted to add that Sammy used what is called a home school resource center when we lived in Seattle. They also have one in Poulsbo called Parent Assisted learning. These are both offered for free and in some cases give you money as they are then considered part of the public school system. They offer a variety of classes and have you meet with a counselor on a regular basis to evaluate your progress. I thought maybe they would have one near you. There seem to be quite a few around the Seattle area. Good-luck!

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