Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Train Table: Check

Those of you who visit my blog at the actual site may have noticed that since some time in September, there has been a picture on the right under "current projects" of Brian working on a train table. You may also have noticed that since September, the picture hasn't changed. That wasn't because I am just lazy and hadn't remembered to update the picture. That's because the scene hadn't changed. Except, that instead of the table being in the driveway, it's been in a heap in the garage collecting dust.

Let me back up a little. Isaiah's birthday was September 2nd. A few days before his birthday I had thought of a wonderful gift idea - a train table! Since they can be pretty pricey, and since I am kind of picky on the looks of things, I got the fantastic idea for Brian to make one. I even found some simple directions on the internet complete with a supply list. To my satisfaction Brian actually agreed to the project, so off to Lowe's we went.

But of course, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Things don't end up straight. Or level. Or sturdy enough. So things get tweaked, and modified, and sanded, and glued, and modified some more.

And finally, with a we-have-people-coming-into-town-and-that-is-your-deadline drawing near, the train table gets finished. And moved inside. And it's better than imagined. Beautiful! And the kids love it.

Happy birthday, Isaiah!

(Pictured is the entire new playroom, which we have been working on the past few weeks and just finished.)


Marie said...
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Marie said...

great job you guys! See you in two weeks!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous! Great job! [:-)

*kk* said...

thats so awesome ! looks great! tell him good job for me:)

Owlhaven said...


Mary, mom to many

Our Family Adventure said...

OMG i love the train table. It's beautiful and in fact I need one. Brian needs to sell them or at least facebook me and let me know what website had "the list" so James can make one. :)
Have you been keeping taps on Tracy?? Just a little hint :)


jmae3 said...

LOVE that train table as well as the entire room!

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