Saturday, November 15, 2008

Emma's birthday party

Pretty much since the moment her 4th party ended, Emma has been asking for a "hula swim party" for her 5th. So for almost a year we planned to have her party at the YMCA, where they have a huge swimming complex and a private room right off the pool area. You see, it's not exactly easy to have a swimming party in November.

Imagine the heartbreak we all suffered the morning of Emma's party, when she woke up throwing up. It's not a fun job as a parent to cancel your child's birthday party.

Things worked out in the end, as we were able to celebrate the following night, which was Emma's actual birthday. Instead of renting the room at the Y, everyone came over to our house for pizza, cake and presents, then we all headed over to the Y for swimming. Actually, everything worked out great and we even saved a little money.


nichole said...

Thanks for including us, we enjoyed watching Emma. She was a ray of SUNSHINE. ALL your children take such great pictures, what is your secret?

Marie said...

Looks like she a a wonderful birthday! I can't believe she is 5 already!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Christi said...

Happy birthday Emma! What a beautiful lady she is becoming. Brian's comment after seeing the picture, "nice air Emma!".

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