Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The truth

I don't tend to share a lot of my political views on this blog, but we are in a time that none of us has ever been through before, and I feel the urgency to share. Our country is at a crossroads. And I'm not just talking about the war, or the economy, or health care. I'm talking about Morals. Lives. Families. Marriage.

This has been a painfully long election, and most of us have likely become numb to the issues, the accusations, even the candidates. It's easy to get confused, not know whom to believe, and even to know which agendas are best for our country. To make matters worse, the media loves to hype things up, making us more confused.

So what's the answer?

Start with this: turn the t.v. OFF. I chose to fast t.v. this month so that I could instead spend time praying for our country, reading the bible, and educating myself on the candidates. You know what's happened? I've spared myself the torture of listening to the mudslinging. I've become focused. And I have a peace about the candidates I am choosing.

Next, think about your MORALS. What things define your beliefs, making you who you are? What things are unequivocally non-negotiable for you? Start with that. For me, that is things like choosing LIFE over abortion. Protecting marriage as the way God created it: one MAN and one WOMAN. Giving families the ability to choose HOW and WHAT their children will learn.

We could spend all day arguing over whose taxes should be cut, who should get vouchers, where to get oil. Don't waver on the issues that really matter. Vote your conscience.


ryane said...

Well said, Shana. Thanks for sharing this. We are praying fervently in these days leading up to the election.

waiting list- gladney

my blog said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Shana Marie! - a woman of faith and courage. I applaud you for expressing your thoughts and sharing who you have become. We still are so proud of you and what you stand for! We're praying with you too!
Love Dave (and Mom too of course!)

Brianna Heldt said...

Shana what a wonderful post. At the outset of this election I felt so ambivalent, but by the end I felt so convicted and also felt proud to cast the vote that I did. I hope we can find ways to continue standing up for LIFE!

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