Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I really am still here. Sometimes life gets really busy, which results in lots of good blog posts. And sometimes life gets really busy, and there's no time for blogging. Lately, it's been the latter. (Although I still find time to keep up with everyone else's blogs...hmmm.)

We've been busy attending parties, hosting parties, planning parties, thinking about the holidays, talking about taking time-off, enjoying the weather...all that comes with this time of year.

It's been a really warm fall here. Brian and I went on a date downtown tonight, and when we left the restaurant at about 9:00 PM we commented on how warm it still was outside - without jackets.

Emma's birthday is next Monday. She's been counting down the days 'till she turns five. Her birthday is always special to me since it marks the anniversary of when I first became Mom. She is our first-born, but not our oldest. Sounds like a riddle. :)

I'm taking the kids to Seattle in a couple weeks for a visit with a friend, and I'm so excited. Actually the kids (minus Noah) are staying with Grandpa and Grandma while I stay with my friend, so there will be lots of Girl Time. Can't wait!

Brian has some business trips coming up, and is still working on projects around the house.

We're all looking forward to Fall Fest on Friday (what our church does instead of typical halloween stuff). Emma and Isaiah are borrowing adorable Princess and Frog costumes, and Noah will be the pumpkin that Isaiah was last year. Biniam wants to be John Wayne. Just writing that sentence makes me smile.

That's it for updates. Back to regularly scheduled programming soon.
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