Monday, October 13, 2008

Today I...

..spent an hour on my knees in the kitchen, scrubbing random stuff off the floor with a rag. It's amazing what you see when you actually get on your hands and knees. I kind of feel bad that the kids always have that view. But NO MORE! I now have the cleanest floor, cabinets, sliding-door-track and chair legs this side of the street.


Marie said...

That is so funny...I cleaned today too! Since we don't have the girls I figured it was time to free the house of dirt and dog hair. We have extremely clean floors now!

Anonymous said...

Shana that's funny since I have always mopped the floors on my hands & knees. (When you said the slider tracks I had an immediate picture of you & Todd making peanut butter with peanuts in the track & slamming the door repeatedly!)And Emma joins me on her hands & knees gladly when she's here. Now I'll have to train the boys too!
Love Mom/Barb, gandma Barb

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