Saturday, October 18, 2008


About a year ago I was sitting on the couch when Biniam came home from school. He walked in, a little quiet, but not much different than usual. After our usual greetings, he said to me "mom, what's n*gger?".

My heart sank. Instantly I knew someone must have said that word to Biniam. When we prepared for the adoptions of both our boys we tried to prepare ourselves for situations like these. We like to think we live in a world or a country where people aren't judged by the color of their skin, but unfortunately there are still people too ignorant to see beyond surfaces. Yet I think we still hoped that our boys would be spared.

Biniam and I talked for a while. We talked about Africa, about slavery, about Martin L. King, and about how God loves ALL people equally. Then we prayed for the boy who used that word towards Biniam. We prayed that he would love people, and that he would be loved by others. And we forgave him.

Looking back, I think Biniam was spared somewhat, because at the time he didn't understand how hurtful the boy's intentions were. Things have continued to be rocky with that boy. I hesitate to label him, but he's known as a "bully" at school and in the neighborhood. There have been other altercations between him and Biniam, and each time we've continued to pray for him.

Today I answered a knock at the front door. It was the "bully". He wanted to know if Biniam could play.

God is faithful.


jenn lee said...

amazing...i love this story! man, biniam is such a great kid. you guys are blessed!

Kathyb1960 said...

WOWOWOW! That is wonderful that God would change his heart like that. God is sooo good!

Kathy in West Texas

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That story gave me goose bumps, what an amazing turn around.

Anonymous said...

Shana, I had tears reading this since I'm sure this is the same boy that had the police come to the park to confront Biniam while I was babysitting the grandkids a few months back. The police called me then you. Then some Godly neighbors came by prior to your arrival to discus the event & we decided we would all pray in your living room. PTL! Love mom, Barb & Grandma

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh Shana what a touching story!!! Poor Biniam...I don't look forward to facing those times with my own children but I know it will come. You set such an amazing example!!!

Jmae said...

Wow-I LOVE how God moves! This brought tears to my eyes as I too fear the day that I may have to face such things...I can only hope it never happens. I hope they can have a friendship from now on!

SimplyGrove said...

That is an amazing story Shana!!