Saturday, October 04, 2008

Anniversary on a Budget

As I mentioned in an earlier post I had a budget of $20 to work with for our anniversary this year. Keep in mind for our anniversary in years past, we have done things like: two nights in Bend, Oregon, one night in La Conner, Washington, one night in McCall, Idaho, one night plus golf in Baker City, Oregon, even two nights in Las Vegas. So, in comparison, twenty bucks wasn't going to get us much, but I wanted to come up with something more than just a quick dinner out.

Cash budget: $20
Bonus: $20 Red Lobster gift card we'd been holding on to
Extra bonus: $20 check in an anniversary card I opened up

Phase 1 of our date:
I picked up Brian from work at about 4:15 and we headed up to a gorgeous state park that was right on the water. We spread a picnic blanket and had brie, crackers and pears. Cost: $4 for park entrance and $13.68 for brie, crackers and anniversary card. Bonus: I opened up another card while we were there, with $3 in it. That covered most of the park entrance!

Phase 2 of our date:
We headed to Red Lobster where we each ordered an entree (my frugal-self wanted to split one, but Brian insisted) and completely stuffed our faces. Then our server insisted we order a dessert on him, so we ordered the cheesecake and split it. Total cost including tip: $33 ($20 from the gift card, $13 cash).

Phase 3 of our date:
The original plan was to go downtown and window shop, then split a dessert some where. But since we already had a free dessert we scratched that plan. Then we admitted that we were both already tired, and ready to head home for bed. At 7:30. But since we REALLY didn't want to get home before the kids went to bed, since Grandma was going to handle that, we decided to stroll over to Pottery Barn and check on my pillows (more to come on that later).

Total out-of-pocket cost of anniversary: $7.68

We found a beautiful spot on the water. Then we got attacked by bugs and bees, so we moved inland a bit.

My hot man

We still had bees at our new location, but we traded the bugs for a squirrel. Here's Brian giving a peace offering of a slice of pear.

We call him Squirrley

Yeah, the water was pretty rough.


Marie said...
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Marie said...

Way to go! What a great anniversary without spending a lot of $$, you have given me hope for our anniversary. It is my year to plan as well and we too have to worry about not spending much. Obviously it is possible to have a great time together without "breaking the bank"!

Jmae said...

Yeah-this is SO our life as well! lol I'm glad you guys made it work! What a fun anniversary!

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