Friday, September 19, 2008

Someone call the CDC!

It's been a little over a week now that the boys have been sharing a room, and it's going really well! The first few nights they both slept straight through (8 to 8) and woke up happy to see each other. Then for a few nights Noah was waking up around 6-ish, so I would nurse him in my room, then put him back down, which sometimes woke up Isaiah, so I would calm him down, then leave and pray that we would all get some more sleep. I'm pretty sure there were at least two mornings where neither boy went back to sleep, but at least I did for a little while :) The past two nights both boys have gone from 8 to 7-ish, which isn't too bad.

Nap time is so cute. I put the boys down at the same time and then they "talk" to each other for a while. I can peek in the door and see Noah peering over the crib bumper at Isaiah, and I can hear Isaiah saying "what you doing?" to Noah. They are soon to be best friends!
And, not to leave you without a photo today, I will post a gorgeous one of my latest ailment. It appears that I have leprosy. Well, at least some sort of nasty rash all over my face, neck, torso...really everywhere. I look like a burn/acne scar victim. I did my best to hide it today at work by wearing my hair down and a scarf around my neck, but there wasn't much I could do to hide my face-swelling. And now it's starting to itch. The only connection I can make is that this is some sort of heat rash from (finally) going for a run last night. I last ran in Virginia, and that was spotty at best. So let's just say I wasn't in my finest form last night. And since I am one to follow signs from God, I will take this for what it's worth. I AM ALLERGIC TO EXERCISE.


nichole said...

Although it must be annoying and extremely uncomfortable, I thought you looked beautiful with your scarf today.

Owlhaven said...

ouch!!! Cortizone cream, maybe? And maybe some Benadryl at bedtime?


Amber said...

hi I'm allergic to exercise too! We have begun our process to find our daughter in Ethiopia and blog about it. I found your blog and would love to trade links. Let me know if that would be o.k.

Thank and God's Greatest,

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