Monday, September 22, 2008


So I have mostly survived the rash. I think it was hives, to be exact. It got much, much worse than pictured, but it's mostly cleared up now. Except in my armpits. Lovely. I started drinking children's benadryl (it's all we had!) which helped relieve some of the itching, but about 24 hours into it I started puking. Not sure if there's a connection. And it's possible the hives were from the antibiotics I was on from the World's Worst Mastitis case I had the week before... who knows.

We didn't get as much done around the house over the weekend as hoped, but one thing we did get done was shampooed (is that even a word?) our family room carpets. I should have taken before and after pictures. It's that drastic.

Now we're just trying to wrap up other projects around the house before Brian heads out on a quick business trip, and we get out of town visitors (G&G A!). Oh, and Biniam was in Salt Lake all weekend playing soccer, and has two games this week. Busy!

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spooner said...

cannot wait to see the carpet. perhaps there is hope for ours...

so happy that you are feeling better. is there anything left for you to "catch"?!

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