Saturday, August 02, 2008

What a difference a Buddy makes!

4 Miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian ran with me tonight, and we changed our route a little from my usual 2.7 miles. He encouraged me to keep going when I was ready to walk, and we made it all the way home with no walking breaks.

Thanks, Honey, for being my motivator. Although I do hate you a little since you have done exactly ZERO training to get to this point.


Jen said...

So have you picked a race yet? You said 5K, right? When will it be?! Congrats on your progress!!

spooner said...

way to go with the four miles. i logged on to read about your crossfit endeavor. so pumped that you are officially in.

love the new masthead--was that picture of emma taken in seattle?

RachelMac said...

Wow, the new look on your blog is great! [:-)

Anonymous said...

Great new format!

Aunt Theresa