Sunday, August 24, 2008

And then there were none...

What a night. The contractions started at 9:45 last night with a bang. They were instantly the most painful contractions Marie had experienced, starting off at about 8-10 minutes apart. They quickly moved to a consistent 3-4 minutes apart with no signs of tapering off. Marie did great breathing through the pain, and Todd did his part to rub her back and support her. My job was timing the contractions and odd jobs. We were a great team!

We arrived at the hospital at 11:50 PM and were escorted to a labor/delivery room. Marie was hooked up to the monitors and we settled in, trying to mentally prepare for a long night. Then it happened. Err, didn't happen. We suddenly realized it had been at least 10 minutes since the last contraction, and then they tapered off completely. Marie was only dialted 2cm, so we were sent home. 2:15AM and we were back in bed. Thanks to a sleeping pill Marie was able to get some good rest.

So today we're laying low, resting, and trying to keep Marie comfortable. She still has pretty constant back pain, with only the occasional small contraction. I am supposed to be flying out in two hours, so obviously I will be extending my trip. Still need to figure out exactly when I will fly home, and who will be taking care of my kids.

Also, for those of you who are praying for us, please pray that I will be allowed to stay in the delivery room. There was a nurse last night who wasn't going to allow me in the room or even on the floor as long as I had Noah with me. It didn't turn into anything last night since we didn't fully get admitted, but I just sat there quietly, praying that I would be invisible.

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