Monday, June 02, 2008

Life as usual

Things are pretty standard around here these days. Last week I started a new job at church - well, it's basically the same job, but more hours and regular "office hours". I will be working close to 20 hours a week. The funny thing is I still consider myself a SAHM. It just doesn't feel like work when I have my kids in the same building as me, have friends all around me and am serving God. What a great blessing!

Noah has had a cold for the past 4 or 5 days, but seems to be getting over it. The first two nights were rough sleep-wise, but he's been fine during the days.

Biniam's last day of school is on Wednesday. I can't believe summer is already here! Biniam will be heading off to youth camp for three days on Sunday, and I am really excited for him. I have such great camp memories from when I was growing up. (That made me feel old typing that.)

I am off to the grocery store in a few minutes with the three little kids. These outings take me days to prepare for, and days to recover from. Getting everything timed just right between naps and meals and nursing and baths is really an accomplishment. One I still yearn to achieve. What usually happens is the kids are tired, I'm grumpy because I forgot to eat, and then someone poops. Then we get home and I lug three kids up the stairs to bed, haul all the groceries in, throw the food in the fridge and collapse on the couch. There. A little peek into my glamorous life for you. :)

Off I go...

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Aitkins Family said...

You are blessed to have the ability to get the human interaction we all need through working and not have to worry about who is with your kids at the same time.

I've been getting extremely bored these last few weeks; its even worse now that Todd will be in school all day. Now is the time am wishing for a job, (not that anyone would hire a 6 mo pregnant woman), ladies to chat with, errands to run, or better yet, this baby to hurry up and get out of there...

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