Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm in lust

I am drooling over a mailer I received for the i Robot scooba. It cleans floors. Hardwood floors. Floors I have all over my house. Floors that I spend countless hours cleaning, or wishing were clean. I think this little beauty is even better than a maid because you don't have to leave the house for it to do it's job (but you can!), you don't have to clean up before it comes over, and you can use it every day.
If this little beauty were to show up on my doorstep I would be so grateful. As in grateful for the next birthday, Christmas, Mother's day, boxing day...any "day" for the next few years.


Todd said...

Don & Ricki have one and it always used to amuse me when we'd go to their house and Ricki would start it up. They loved theirs and I think even named it. I was skeptical of its ability so I fooled around with it and watched it clean up a sample mess and maneuver around obstacles I setup for it. Fun toy if you ask me.

Shana said...

Todd, I could totally see you spending an entire day setting up obstacles for one.