Friday, April 18, 2008

Soccer Mom

I am a Soccer Mom in every sense of the term. I drive a minivan, and I spend my afternoons shuttling Biniam around town. Biniam has activities literally every weekday, and some weekends. Monday: small group; Tuesday: soccer practice; Wednesday: youth group; Thursday: soccer practice; Friday: soccer skills training. Some Saturdays there are soccer games - or, like last weekend, two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. Add on Emma's ballet, working and running errands for church, and what seems like weekly doctor appointments....I live in my car. I never thought I'd be doing all this and still be in my 20's.

Speaking of that, I am currently in my last three days of my 20's. Like most big events in my life, I am finding that the anticipation of the event is a bigger deal than the event itself (with exception to giving birth, and maybe my wedding). For years I have been alternately dreading turning 30, or dreaming about a blow-out celebration complete with live music and celebrity appearances. And now, just like my prom, I say "who cares if I have a farmer burn (not tan), am peeling like a snake, and desperately need a pedicure". Party on!

I'll add a picture of my burn, which I got at one of Biniam's games last weekend when it was 80 degrees. This picture was taken on day 4, when I was still very much in pain.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Ouch!!" I hate getting sun burnt! You truly are a Super Mom in every sense of the word!