Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I am home, resting after my surgery. Everything went well, and I should be able to use my voice in about a week. I am still pretty groggy and shaky, so I'm pretty much hanging out in my room. I do get to nurse Noah as soon as I'm strong enough, so that relieves some stress for me. My awesome friend Jenni brought dinner over, and it was so yummy. Even Biniam liked it! I am convinced that I could live solely on beer bread.

Isaiah met with the orthopaedic surgeon today, and thankfully does not require surgery for his arm. He is in a cast and should be able to have it removed in three weeks.

Poor Brian has pretty much been living at either the hospital, doctor's office or pharmacy today. And my awesome Mom took care of all the kids and even got them all loaded in the car and to Isaiah's appointment by herself.

Thanks Brian, Mom and Jenni for all your help!
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