Monday, March 03, 2008

Emma's first date

Brian took Emma to Red Robin for their February date. Emma had been anticipating their date for some time, and wanted to wear her "fancy dress" and pearl earrings. Brian believes that part of his job as "Dad" is to show Emma how she should expect to be treated by a man when she's older. So to make her feel special he picked her up with a bouquet of balloons - every four-year-old's favorite.

Emma was a hit with the staff at Red Robin who all commented on how pretty she looked. She even scored a free sundae from their server! Some of the other customers came up to Brian and commented on how well-behaved she was. After dinner they made a stop at the pet store where Emma's must-have pet was none other than...a hermit crab.
A great night for both!


Brianna Heldt said...

SO PRECIOUS! oh my goodness she's adorable! what a sweet daddy. and what amazing memories she'll have.

daddies have such a high calling. pretty special.

shelly said...

Love it Love it!....I totally agree with your husband.....that is one of the things that my friends pastor told his congregation that he does with his daughters and he said that is one of the things a father should their daughters how a man should treat them....the other wonderful thing about this is that your boys will also see the example their dad is setting and they will learn how to be great boyfriends, husbands and over all great men just by watching their dad's example

RachelMac said...

Emma looks so beautiful! And Brian is glowing like a proud daddy. So sweet.

Chatter said...

I'm just visiting your blog and had to comment. This is SO sweet and adorable!! What a wonderful father.

LISA said...

Ahhh, how sweet! I love the idea of how she should be treated when she's older.She looks very pretty!