Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting caught up

I have so much to blog about, yet I've been in "survival mode" for a while so I haven't really had time. We are finally starting to emerge from the sickness cloud that has been hanging over our household. Isaiah is almost done with his meds, and Noah is finally a little bit less congested and nearing the end of his virus.

Noah's congestion has been at its worst at night, and since he shares a room with Brian and me, the three of us have been seriously lacking sleep. I try to take naps during the day, but inevitably, by the time I get the third child down to sleep the first one is waking up. Yesterday after an hour of tossing and turning, Noah finally fell asleep so I decided to get some rest myself. The very MOMENT my eyes fell shut I heard a noise that had to be Isaiah. I prayed that it was just a kid playing outside, but the noise got louder and was certainly Isaiah wanting to get up. In denial, I shut my eyes again - then opened them up an hour and a half later! I quickly got up and went into Isaiah's room where I found him AND Emma in his crib surrounded by toys and books, having a great time. Instead of waking me up, sweet Emma had decided to entertain Isaiah herself.

Lots more updates (and pictures) to come!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, big sisters are a blessing from GOD above!

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